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It all started in the misty airs of the poor and desolate port town of Griffon’s hold, where men were men, women were women, and poor the government. Our heroes met purely by coincidence, when a noble soldier put out a call to arms, looking for the strongest men in all the land. Unfortunately enough, he got a group of fools. A schizophrenic dwarf, named Grog, paladin of the noble order of Bahamut. Tigsworth, young elf of the Kardashian clan, bold, vain, and a lover of theatrics to boot. Lastly, one of dragon’s birth, a noble cleric, with great will, and power, but an inability to use it.

The brave (but often aloof) foot soldier’s name was Marshall Faulker, and he was making an announcement to the few of Griffon’s Hold, searching for powerful beings to go on a mission to the town of Rockstead. Multiple parties had to been sent to the village when word was no longer being heard from the citizens. None had returned. The call had mostly fallen onto deaf ears, except for our strange group, all rather willing to take on the task Marshall was suggesting. “Why we can do it, but we will need provisions.” Stated a sly Tigsworth. After a bit of bartering the group came away with a rickety cart, and an old, decommissioned war horse, with more life in him than previously thought.

They were on their way, the initial ride was boring, aside a few creeping shadows along the trail they were riding. After a while the group grew tired and pulled off the road to take a rest. Tigsworth strayed off into the forest, and hunter’s instinct taking over, as an enormous deer appeared in a small clearing. The elf didn’t waste a moment in planting an arrow in the side of the fawn, hitting right in the neck, and bring it all the way down. Tigsworth and Grog carried the deer back to their campsite while the Dragonborn started a small fire. They quickly skinned and cooked the creature, making a suitable meal. Shortly after they finished their venison, around midnight, the cleric’s vow of silence had finally ended. None of the group knew why the dragon was so quiet, but expected him to merely be shy. Then again, they were not the brightest duo this side of Bebop. Right as the cleric was about to give up on his explanation, an enormous snake struck at the group. It was quickly defeated by the unlikely trio, and tossed into the fire with the killing strike.

After a night of sleep, and a late start, the group hobbled back onto their wagon, continuing the trip to Rockstead. It was a short while into the ride that the cleric noticed a small glimmer coming from a huddle of bushes. A spear of golden light grew from his hand, and he threw it with all his might. Multiple growls were heard as wolves attacked from all sides. Two were dealt with by the Dwarf, fending off their attacks as the Elf and Dragon attacked them from afar. But unnoticed was a third wolf that went straight for the old war horse. But the war horse had no issue dealing with a wolf of his own, rearing back and kicking the wolf square in his jaw. The beasts never stood a chance. It was plainly obvious from that point that this matching was meant to be.

They all piled onto their cart hoping to just make it to the location of their mission, as all this fighting had grown tiresome. Soon the trio would be knocking on the door of the town.. or so they thought. The group moved along, a brisk pace, seeing as the horse was excited and proud of his recent victory. They were getting close, they knew it, and were prepared for anything that might happen to them. Suddenly they assaulted by a terrible smell. That of burning flesh, ash, and death. The power of the next scene would be strong on any that dare to view, but the most horrifying to young Tigsworth, for as they rode towards Rockstead, the heroes could not look away from newly appeared decapitated heads, place clumsily upon roughly carved pikes. They had learned the fate of the groups sent from Griffon’s Hold. They felt sick to their stomachs as they continued on, soon after running into a group of Humans, some time after the sun had gone down.

The Humans lived up to the reputation of their kind, attacking first, and asking questions later. Our heroes, with a little help from their war horse, now so lovingly dubbed “Colossus,” vanquished their opponents. It was then that a beautiful blue-skinned elf appeared. Long white hair, and deep green eyes were this new woman’s most prominent features. Too bad our heroes had no time to notice, as her and a few elven men dropped from the trees, taking the trio into elven custody. “Please, do not struggle and my men will release you.” The dwarf, elf, and dragon did as she asked, and were promptly released. “My name is Adelina.” Stated the woman, hints of worry seeping up from the lump of fear in the girl’s throat. “Please come with us back to our base, it’s not safe here for non-humans.” The groupdidn’t need to be told twice. As they walked through the woods, she told the group exactly of the situation in Rockstead. As it turns out, the nearby woods had burned down, stripping many elves of their homes, and the town of Rockstead had been the first place for them to turn. A few religious zealots were very much against the idea, but the leaders of the town felt for the elves, and allowed them to come and join the small town.

This is where all the trouble began.

Soon after the elves moved into the town, people started to disappear from their beds at night. Noone had an answer for what was going on, but one young man emerged, stating he had dreams where God himself had approached him, clearly stating his disapproval for the more “dirty” races that had come to inhabit the town. The young man was known as Jacob Dickburgler. After coming forth, he had instantly been made leader of the town, for his new reputation as a prophet. He lead the town in nightly sacrifices, killing select members of the dirtier races in an attempt to satiate his “God.” It had yet to help. It was at this point that the trio arrived at the elven hideout, followed closely by their escorts. Adelina pulled out a small flute carved roughly into the shape of a deer, and blew into the tail. Even at such an inappropriate moment, the dragon, dwarf, and elf released deep belly laughs at the sight of the elven woman blowing into a deer’s tail. The group continued to laugh until they choked upon their guffaws. [spoiler]yeah screw you guys.[/spoiler] A boulder promptly slid out of the way, as Adelina played her song, granting them entrance into the hideout.

Once inside Adelina told them about her deeper investigations into what had been happening to the usually serene town of Rockstead. How she had actually seen shadowy figures coming into and leaving the town at night. She tried her best to follow them, but they always disappeared into the same rock formation. She pleaded with the group to help her redeem Rockstead, and the group quickly agreed to help.


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